Otto’s Ottawa Undertakes Donation and Fundraisers for Front Liners

Otto’s Ottawa has been known for its charity work in the community and continues doing so. Throughout the years, they have shared their blessings through charitable programs for the goal of enriching people’s lives, helping those who are in need, and giving inspiration to other companies. The organization has proposed an initiative of a fundraiser: for every vehicle you purchase, a donation will be made on your behalf.

As a result of this pandemic, Otto’s Ottawa has branched out in contributing to local charities such as home care and long-term agencies as well as delivering meals to persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and helpless people in need of assistance. In addition, the company had given its support to the frontliners in hospitals by delivering meals and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment).

Tim Kluke, The Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s CEO and President, stated that the donations they received have been greatly beneficial for frontline workers during the pandemic. Frontline workers needed the much-needed morale boost which they receive from such support and encouragement from communities that truly care. He deeply expresses his gratitude for everyone who had extended a helping hand.

We hope more companies will follow the lead Otto’s Ottawa’s initiative and take it as an inspiration in these trying times.

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