About Us

Express Ottawa Magazine’s sophisticated, keen, and glamour voice has found a readership in the heart of Canada’s prestigious city. Over the last few years, a new generation of the capital residents craved more transformation that Express Ottawa has gladly provided as it chronicles the distinct stories that are honing this world in art, politics, travel, pop culture, business, sports, fashion, home, health, and current event. This can also be all of the above, as readers who wish to keep up with the latest news have come to seek our vocal coverage.

From the beginning, influential people across the country have looked to Express Ottawa to give inspiration. The Express Ottawa is the ultimate guide about everything Canada’s Capital has to offer. In this digital era, the brand of Express Ottawa is published in print found in the newsstands, and online that can be accessed in an app through the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

This website will feature all the content in every printed magazine, blogs from local writers and artists, videos, podcasts, and guest contributors in an effort to give the readers the full Express Ottawa Magazine experience.