Food for Thought Team: Covid-19 Response Team Serves Over 17,300 Hot Meals

As the food crisis spikes tremendously these past few weeks due to COVID-19, two generous local restaurants and a community organization have been combining their energies and resources to form Food for Thought: COVID-19 Response Team whose goal is to provide free hot meals for people who are in need in the local community.

Coconut Lagoon, Thali, and Food for Thought net cafe have managed to produce more than 17,300 meals to homeless people and those who are in provisional shelters.

The response team has extraordinary hardworking volunteers that include drivers to deliver hot meals, food packers, chefs, and the donors who pledged to do the kind act. One of the volunteers said that chefs make hot meals and work hard every day, but at the end of each day, the smile you can see from those who received help is priceless.

The Food for Thought: COVID-19 Response team is looking forward to expanding their charitable work throughout the community and continue to do so. The team is willing to accept any random act of kindness, may it be a donation or your time. Volunteers such as drivers, food packers, and chefs are encouraged to join their cause and give them the honor of a selfless act.

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