How to Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Home

Canada is known for its rich forest and wildlife, and as the lockdown started, more wild animals are in sight and have been near homes. As adorable and lovable they may seem, Canada Wildlife Removal and Animal Control warn citizens to keep distance as possible as they might infect homes with diseases and even damage the foundation of your house.

Gladly, there are several ways to keep animals from your home. They’re as follows:

  • Seal any holes or possible port of entry – If there are holes on your walls or ceilings, it is possible that animals will inhabit and cause damage.
  • Ensure a sturdy fence – Putting up a fence will reduce your chances of having a pest around. The fence must be deep-rooted and should be at least five feet from the ground up. This way, it can keep out animals that can jump and dig through the ground.
  • Trim trees – By trimming your trees, it will make climbing for animals difficult. It will also make it hard for them to reach your house.
  • Seal your trash – If possible, keep your trash indoors until it is ready to be disposed of as the animals will surely smell it and try to seek food.

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