Starbucks Canada & The Starbucks Foundation Donates $1 Million in Aid to Food Crisis

Hard access to food is one of the problems in the COVID-19 crisis. Food banks have reported an increase of usage. As the pandemic goes on, the percentage is expected to increase as well as the food shortage.

With food stocks declining in number, it is getting harder for Canadians to access quality food, especially senior citizens, persons with a disability, the homeless, and people depending on social support.

In response to this stock crisis, Starbucks Canada took initiative by donating to the financial and food support in the country. On April 16, the company announced its donation of over $1 million to the charitable agencies.

70% of the company’s support will come from Starbucks Canada through donations and fill up food banks across the country.

Starbucks Foundation aims to aid and provide resources to local food banks by contributing $280,000 in Food Bank Canada’s COVID-19 Response fund so they can comply with the Public Health’s requirement with physical distancing and hire as many staff to meet the increasing demand.

In addition, a donation has also been placed to Second Harvest with an amount of $70,000 for the purpose of effective delivery and distribution of local goods. Lastly, Starbucks Foundation donated $24,000 to help the vulnerable young people through  Yonge Street Mission in Toronto and Woods Homes in Calgary.

Hopefully, more huge corporations and companies will do the same.

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