An Esthetical Journey of a Dreamer

Just like other young people, Stefanie Leigh Kirby, once an ambitious girl, dreamed of being a professional dancer. She found herself spending her time as a child working hard to achieve every dancer’s goals. However, she realized that she did not belong and could not give the devotion it requires to be a dancer. Later on, she rediscovers her own way of expressing her thought – through painting.

She started doing oil as it reflects her insights well. However, realizing the fumes the oil created, she shifted into the art of acrylics as it challenged her at first but grew to love it more.

Kirby explained how she finds inspiration for her artwork, saying that she often engages herself in the process. She finished the Ottawa School of Art portfolio program and attended Mount Allison University School of Fine Arts to pursue her love of painting.

Apart from being the esthetic artist that she is, Kirby is also a nurse practitioner. She had found a great balance between the strict time management her profession demands and letting go of her worries through her artwork.

Kirby’s artwork can be seen at Galerie Côté Créations and will be featured this September at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles.

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