Harper's new election law passes Commons

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Will make re-election easier for Harper

What a law...



Despite everything the Opposition threw at the Harper conservatives for the past 19 weeks trying to block the government’s new election law, Bill C-23 passed through the Commons Tuesday night by a vote of 146-123 .

Now it goes to the Senate where there is no doubt that in the hands of the conservative majority, the controversial legislation will pass like a knife through butter, making it a whole lot easier for the Conservatives to be elected in the next election.

This is important because the Harper is counting on the new law to stay in power into another decade.

"This bill will improve our democracy, said Pierre Poilievre, who was Harper’s minister in charge of getting the law through the Commons.

"It’s common sense," said Poilievre.

At one point Conservative backbencher Brad Butt told the House of Commons that he had personally witnessed numerous fraudulent electoral scams. He later had to apologize to parliament for making things up.

NDP MP David Christopherson said, "Make no mistake. Canadians know that this bill is intended to help the Conservatives’  re-election. "

The new law will limit the powers of the Director General of Elections to investigate dishonest electoral practices such as automated ‘robocalls’ calls to send Liberal to non-existent polling stations on election day.

Elections Canada counted 1,276 bogus  "robocalls"  to Liberals in the last election.  

The new law will also restrict the ability of the Election Commissioner Marc Mayrand to buy advertising to encourage Canadians to vote, especially young people First Nations people on reserves, and homeless people who usually do not vote in large numbers, and especially not for Conservatives.

The Harper government faced a battery of experts, and even criticism from former Reform Party leader Preston Manning and former Auditor - General Sheila Fraser.

The NDP was particularly rough on the Harper government in recent weeks. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said that Bill C -23 has loaded the dice  in favor of the Conservative Party.


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