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CBD Beauty Products, Brands, and Collabs in Canada that You Must Have

When marijuana was legalized in Canada in 2018, the majority of skincare brands opened up and fully accepted the excellent effects of CBD oil in Canada. Since CBD consumption won’t give you the feeling of being high, many people are keen to use it because of its potent ingredients that have healing properties and help soothe skin irritation and prevent blemishes and ageing. Moreover, CBD and hemp oil are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, E, and A making it a perfect alternative for moisturizing dry skin.

By 2026, the estimated net worth of CBD beauty brands and products is $3.48 billion. Hence, the industry displays no indications of dropping off. In terms of skincare, most beauty experts and enthusiasts are replacing their beauty products and regimen with CBD oil alternatives. If you are looking for the newest beauty products infused with CBD oil in Canada, check out the list below:

CBD Soap Scrub by Delush

This brand was created by Priscilla Mai, an expert in CBD beauty products in Canada. Skin exfoliation is an essential home skincare regimen. Thus, Delush Soap Scrub is made available to give you the best exfoliation experience. This soap is a fantastic body scrub and wash-in-one. It has sugar crystals that exfoliate your skin gently and give you radiant skin. For a rejuvenated and smooth skin effect, try to make a rich soap lather, massage it into the skin for 3 minutes to remove the impurities, and then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

CBD Lotion by Calyx Wellness

Danielle Blair is the founder of Calyx Wellness. Their CBD lotion offers a 1200mg CBD with moisturizing components, making it luxurious yet affordable. It is applied topically with hemp oil and a natural base with essential oils and lavender to alleviate skin irritations.

Calyx Wellness CBD lotion has beneficial effects and properties to help in moisturizing the skin and relieving muscle pain. The most significant components of this CBD lotion are its anti-inflammatory properties and essential oils such as lavender and sandalwood, which effectively relieve pain. Its essential oil also provides incredible aromatherapy benefits and aids in bringing your mind and body to a clearer and calmer state.

Facial Serum by Love Nectar

This facial serum by Love Nectar is perfect for all types of skin. It offers 100mg CBD for every 30ml bottle with grapeseed oil and rosehip to moisturize your skin. The facial serum is applied topically and scientifically to produce anti-inflammatory components and cell regeneration. Thus, it helps relieve eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea. If you want to achieve a perfect summer glow, the facial serum by Love Nectar is the one for you.

Delush and Enhance Arts

Linda and Tila Huynh are sisters, experienced entrepreneurs, and founders of Enhance Arts. The Delush brand creates essential oil with CBD oils called Relax and Revive. The products boast a full spectrum of 2400mg CBD oil, sulphate-free, paraben-free, and lab-tested. To experience its beneficial effect, try using it with an optimal amount.


CBD oil in Canada in beauty products is not only known for its potential effects in alleviating medical conditions such as stress, seizures, nausea, and anxiety, but it is also beneficial for the skin when applied topically or taken orally. The industry of CBD skincare products is consistently growing because of its therapeutic effects. No wonder enthusiasts and beauty experts are shifting into using CBD beauty products.

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