Smear campaign fails against Trudeau

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Voters react against it



The Harper Conservatives’  latest smear campaign against Justin Trudeau has not worked at all, any more than did the previous one.

The findings come to us from a public opinion survey of 1572 Canadians by Forum Research on April 28 and 29.

For Stephen Harper, poll results like this are enough to put him in a bad mood all summer.

The survey also revealed that Harper and his Conservatives are slowly slipping in popularity as the elections approach.

The smear campaign against Trudeau focused on «Trudeau would not make a good leader " and "He’s in over the head.»

The negative campaign ads cost the Conservatives millions of dollars. They won’t say how much. But they do have a huge political campaign fund of $ 18 million dollars, but it’s not all for running a smear campaign against Trudeau. They need to get their own message across on television.

According to the Forum Research survey, 46 percent of voters surveyed by the firm said they saw the ads. That’s a lot of people. It was a good “buy” by whoever bought the “air-time” for the party.

Much to the disappointment of conservatives, 47 percent of the respondents who saw the ads slamming Trudeau, said that if anything, it made them more likely, not less likely, to vote for Trudeau.

It was just the opposite of what one would have thought.

Only 20 % who saw the anti-Trudeau ads said they would be more likely to vote Conservative and a miserable 17 % said they would be more likely to vote NDP after seeing the ads.

Were these telling the truth or were they putting on the pollsters?

One of the best known of the negative television ads showed a "clip" Justin Trudeau taking off his shirt before an audience of women.

That the ad neglected to tell viewers that the famous "strip» clip was part of a fundraiser segment that evening to raise money for cancer research.  The news media corrected the ‘oversight.’  That changed the meaning of the ‘strip’ clip.

The ad had had presented Trudeau as a man who lacked judgement by showing off his bare chest to women.

The women in the audience took it differently.   They saw Trudeau as a man willing to something funny at his own expense to raise money for a good cause.

And that made ​​all the difference in the world.


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