Is Mulroney yearning to replace Harper?

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Why is he saying what should be done?

He\'s still thirsty...



Could he be mulling over a return to politics

Mulroney delivered a major speech this week in Ottawa before a major think-tank, the Canada2020 organization. There were about 380 people there to listen to the former prime minister.

Journalists in attendance counted 12 Harper cabinet ministers and more than a dozen Conservative MPs and some from other parties.

Wasn’t Mulroney the same fellow that Harper declared persona non grata and told his cabinet ministers and MPs to stay away from him after the Oliphant Commission report on matters relating to Mulroney’s brown envelopes from Karlheinz Schreiber came out publicly

So why were Conservative cabinet ministers turn out in large numbers to hear Mulroney?

And Mulroney, instead of coming to praise Harper, he turned up to lecture him on what he should be doing, using himself as the example to be followed.

Canada must set up a Resource Development Office, said Mulroney,  that would set clear priorities and make things happen in the oil and gas field, solving disagreements between governments and creating millions of jobs and billions of dollars in new investments.

That way we’ll get “effective leadership” continued Mulroney, (as if Harper doesn’t think we’ve got that already.)

Mulroney went as far as saying Harper must provide “personal direction” and leadership.  Oooooh, Harper didn’t like one, you can be sure.

Ask Harper and he’ll tell you he’s already providing leadership, and doing it well. He doesn’t need Mulroney to tell him.

Mulroney had specific advice for Harper. We need more pipelines, he said, especially those to take oil and gas to the United States.

Mulroney, who likes to compare himself to other world leaders, said that energy is as important today as free trade was when he was prime minister.

"Canada must do more, » said Mulroney, as if Harper didn’t think he’s already doing precisely that.

Mulroney said Canada needs a «realistic plan " to combat carbon emissions, sounding more than ever like Stéphane Dion.  Mulroney put it bluntly:  “Canada can do more and should do more.»

What we need is “a coherent plan" to ensure that we do not lack skilled workers in the energy sector. Ouch!  Harper thinks he’s already a coherent guy.

Mulroney said we must recruit the “enthusiastic participation and cooperation of the First Nations.” Well, finally here’s a suggestion even Harper might take to heart.

Mulroney said that when he was prime minister the big environmental problem was acid rain and he got together with the U.S. and they solved it. The problem today is carbon emission and that has to be solved, he said.

As if Harper didn’t know that already.

Harper was not there. So there was no talkback to Mulroney. We might ask ourselves what Harper said when Mulroney’s words were later reported to him.

So does Mulroney have an ulterior purpose comparing himself to Harper? Is he an older guy just trying to be helpful, or does he have political intentions?

Harper might want to watch his backside.


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