Trudeau is writing his memoirs

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Has he lived long enough to do that?

Young but a lot of stories to tell...



Justin Trudeau is writing his memoirs.

Since when does a 42 year old man write his autobiography?

It's different with Trudeau. He has lived through much in spite of his young age.

There are so many people anxious to find out all about him. They want to know all the tiniest  details of his private life.

His book will be published in the fall in French and English.

It should sell like hot cakes.

People want to know how Trudeau recalls his life as a child raised at 24 Sussex Drive  under the protective eyes of the RCMP in Ottawa.

Does he think he was marked by the divorce of his parents, and what kind of life did he experience at McGill University as the son of a prime minister?

How did the death of his brother Michel in a lake in western Canada affect him? Will he tell us about his family life with Sophie Grégoire and their three children?

His book should be a bestseller . Jean Chrétien wrote his autobiography in 1985 and it revived his political career. Barack Obama also cashed in big time with his book.

But there are no guarantees in the publishing world. Stephen Harper bombed badly with his long-awaited book on the early history of hockey.

Maybe Harper should have written about something he knew more about.

Trudeau will not make the same mistake.

Reporters asked NDP leader Thomas Mulcair when he’ll be writing his memoirs.

“When I’m 75 years old,” Mulcair shot back


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