Conservatives Smear Retired Gen. Leslie

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The slime campaign has just begun




We’ve been waiting weeks for another Conservative smear campaign against Justin Trudeau and the people who support him.

They attacked Trudeau for saying that if he becomes prime minister, he would consider  legalizing and taxing marijuana, but the Conservative smear never got very far.


But now the Conservatives came up with something new last weekend.

Conservative Defence Minister Rob Nicholson got a hold of the $ 72,225 in home moving expenses that Afghan war commander General Andrew Leslie racked up after he retired from the Canadian military.

The retired Gen. Leslie is the guy that Trudeau fingered as his No. 1 defense advisor, who is planning to run as a Liberal candidate in 2015.

It is important for the Conservatives to attack Leslie and destroy him politically before he gets into Parliament.

Minister Nicholson said Sunday that he asked his military staff to investigate Leslie’s moving expenses. Nicholson said that seemed to him "manifestly unreasonable."


Nicholson may decide to roll back moving expenses for retiring military personnel as he decided to close down nine Veterans Affairs offices across Canada.

Wait until Nicholson finds out how many other retired generals have been incurring moving expenses after they retire.

Under Canadian law, all military are allowed to claim moving expenses after they retire, especially those who like Leslie, retire after 20 years or more of service for their country.  

In Leslie’s case, most of his moving expenses were for real estate fees incurred in the move.

Leslie said that the way the Conservatives behaved this week confirms once again that he made the right choice in siding politically with Trudeau after he left the military.



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  • Daniel
    19 février 2014 - 11:46

    Julian Fantino is Minister of Veterans Affairs and responsible for Veterans Affairs offices across Canada.