Now there are as many as three cheques

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The 80-page RCMP report based on 2,600 emails from the office of the prime minister says a lot about the camouflage going on in Stephen Harper’s office, but not much about the details of the scandal.

So far we know about the existence of three cheques.

The biggest cheque was for $ 90,172 that Nigel Wright wrote to Senator Mike Duffy, to pay his debts to the Senate for him. This nice gesture cost Wright his job as Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper.

Then there is a second cheque for the same amount from Duffy to the Receiver - General of Canada. That’s Duffy paying back the money to taxpayers that he should not have claimed for his unjustified expenses.

And then there is a third cheque for a much smaller amount.

This third cheque is for $ 13,650. It’s a cheque from the bank account of the law firm Blake Cassels Toronto, which is where Arthur Hamilton, the famous lawyer of the Conservative Party is a partner.

That cheque is made out to the Ottawa law firm Nelligan O'Brien & Payne.  Janice Payne is a partner in that firm.  She acted as counsel for Duffy after the camouflage scandal in the Prime Minister's office began going public.

But there are a few little problems. Why was the Conservative Party’s lawyer Arthur Hamilton getting his firm to pay the fees of Mike Duffy’s lawyer? Was that part of an agreement between Duffy and the Prime Minister’s office?

At one point after the scandal came out in camouflage publicly, Duffy told a group of journalists hounding him outside the Parliament buildings that there were not just two cheques but "at least two cheques."

So what did he mean by that?

Perhaps he was referring to the third cheque to pay his lawyer Janice Payne. Or was it about a totally different cheque that has yet to surface?

How many other secrets does Duffy have yet to tell us?


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