The witnesses want to stay anonymous

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They fear losing their government jobs

Poutine\'s back!


Conservative Party elections workers who will be testifying against the mythical " Pierre Poutine " and his electoral fraud in the last election say they are now victims of constant harassment online and on Facebook.

They were lined up by Elections Canada investigators to tell a Federal Court trial what they know about a Conservative Partyscheme to send Liberal voters to non-existent election polls in more than 200 or the 305 ridings on election May 2, 2011

The witnesses fear that their testimony in court could cost them their jobs in Parliament in the offices of MPs and Conservative ministers.

They want police protection and until they testify, they want their names kept out of the news media fearing to lose their Conservative Party jobs.

Their request will be examined in court on November 13.

In the May 2, 2011 election, an anonymous man bought a disposable cell phone using the false identity of "Peter Poutine, Separatist Street, Joliette, QC" then went to Edmonton and set up an automated telephone program ("Robocalls ") that, according to Elections Canada, reached about 7,000 voters in about 200 of the 305 constituencies.

The recorded message purported to be from Elections Canada was designed to make them believe that their polling station had been changed at the last minute. It was false, a total fraud.

The largest concentration of fraudulent calls were in Guelph where about 1,300 voters got fraudulent calls. It was difficult for Elections Canada to calculate how many voters lost their vote, but Liberal incumbent Frank Valeriote was re-elected despite the hard work of "Peter Poutine. "

It came out that there is a small restaurant in Guelph called " Pierre's Poutine" but there is no " Separatist Street " in Guelph, or for that matter, anywhere else in Canada.

The Elections Canada investigator was Allan Matthews , a former RCMP who investigated a number of political  fraud cases back in the days of Brian Mulroney.  He was in charge with the help of his colleague Ronald Lamothe .

Earlier this year, they filed electoral fraud charges against Michael Sona, a young Conservative organizer, who was the director of communications for the Conservative Party in the Guelph riding .

The charges have already cost him his job with a cabinet minister in Ottawa.

Sona keeps insisting that he is completely innocent of the charges against him and is really in fact a victim of some people in the Conservative Party.

‘They want to throw me under the wheels of the bus," Sona says. His lawyer is the brilliant criminologist Norman Boxall of Ottawa. The trial could begin in 2014.


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