Duffy: A little more truth comes out

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Everything leads back to Stephen Harper



The truth in the Mike Duffy affair and his bogus  Senate expense account claims keeps coming out one drop at a time.


We are only beginning to understand what really happened. It has all been well-hidden so far.


We know now that Senator Duffy visited the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday, February 11, three days after the Senate  sent his bogus expense accounts claims to the Deloitte investigative accounting firm.


The information, including Duffy’s time of arrival and departure from Stephen Harper's office, appears in the Prime Minister's off Visitors’ Registrywhich was obtained obtained by Postmedia reporters through an Access to information request.


The next day, February 12, the head finance man of the Conservative Party, Irving Gerstein and another man - whose name has been removed from the registry - went to the same office where Duffy had been the previous day.


Harper says he has never met Duffy or Gerstein nor the anonymous other man whose name was removed from the registry.

Duffy refuses to say who he met and why.


Harper says he doesn’t know nothin’ about what happened in his office.


The Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said the latest news about the Feb. 11 and Feb. 12 meeting is "overwhelming evidence» that raises more questions than ever.


The questions remain: "Who did Duffy meet in the prime minister’s office for 50 minutes on Feb. 11?”


“Why would Duffy meet him in the prime minister’s office rather than elsewhere?” After all,  Duffy did  have a Senate office.

“ Why was Harper not told about meetings going on in his office?"


A few weeks later Duffy had the $ 90,00 he needed to pay back the Senate and Nigel Wright was out of a job.


Why would Wright give away his money like that?






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