Great political move by Parti Québécois

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Feds all worked up by Charter of Quebec Values

Way to move!?



The Parti Québécois has given us a first taste of the Charter of Quebec Values ​​this week. Minister Bernard Drainville made ​​the announcement.

There is one word to describe it - «Provocative. »

It is designed to infuriate federal political parties and work up immigrants but mainly to rally the sovereigntist Quebeckers who no longer feel that their French language is threatened.

Since they are not afraid of losing their language, perhaps at least they will be afraid of losing their identity. And they will vote for the PQ to save it.

So this is why we need to ban "ostentatious» religious symbols.

Except the crucifix in the National Assembly of course. Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis would not like that. It was he who put it there.

The Charter is simple. Those who are not Christian get whacked - Jews who wear yarmulkes, Muslim women wearing headscarves, and Sikhs with their turbans.


This is the time to pull up our pants Quebeckers and pick a fight with the federal government in Ottawa if we want to preserve who we are.

And the PQ succeeded! Yesterday federalist political parties in Ottawa criticized the Charter and the fight was on.


The Conservatives said they are willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect minorities and freedom of religion in Quebec.


Thomas Mulcair said the Charter was his worst fear. Justin Trudeau said the PQ just wanted to distract attention from the faltering Quebec economy.

Nobody had anything good to say about the Charter - except the Bloc Québécois.

Leader Daniel Paillé said: "The Bloc Québécois supports the shared values ​​enshrined in the Charter and reiterates its support for religious guidance and the necessary religious neutrality of the state. It is with enthusiasm that the Bloc participates in the exercise initiated by the Parti Québécois "

But the Charter is not there to please a political party in Ottawa, but rather to awaken sleeping Quebec separatists in Quebec.

And this is exactly why the Charter seems to have done very beautifully exactly what the PQ wanted.



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