Harper is already on the campaign trail, sort of

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Harper gets $620,000 electric snowmobile

He\'s gone to war... for politics...

Stephen Harper has unofficially launched his 2015 election campaign.

That's why he was in the Far North this week slamming his political adversaries as if the official campaign was already going full rip.

In politics the guy who waits for the official campaign to begin before lifting a finger is dead in the water when the campaign finally does begin.

Especially, if like Harper, he has a whacking pile of $ 18 million in campaign funds waiting to be spent - as much as all other political parties put together.

There is also an electoral reason. Some time ago Harper lost his middle class family vote to Justin Trudeau. Now Harper has to get it back before the official campaign begins, if he wants to get back into 24 Sussex.

So there was Harper in the Great White North dumping on Trudeau, putting him down as nothing better than a marijuana pusher. And Thomas Mulcair became "a dangerous man" whose ideas are so dangerous, Harper told us, that he couldn't reveal Mulcair's ideas.

Now that's real scary! Who could have guessed?

While he was up North, Harper unveiled his secret weapon for the campaign - a new kind of very quiet snowmobile that costs $ 620,000 and operates on electricity.

It's almost as much as a Harper F-35 fighter aircraft.

Harper plans to equip our soldiers in the far north with those great snowmobiles so they can defend us from our enemies - as soon as Harper figures out who those enemies might be.

Until then, our soldiers will be able to hunt polar bears from the comfort and silence of their Harper snowmobiles.

"There goes one of them, I can see him. Bam, bam, bam!"


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