Stephen Harper did the right thing this week

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"Pull the plug!" they told him

Happy hollidays... not!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper did the only right thing he could do when he came back to Canada earlier this week.

He closed down Parliament until the fall.

Happy holidays everyone!

Ever since the year began it's been just one lousy scandal after another for Harper. Day after day, he was hammered by the Opposition in the House of Commons. It had to end eventually. It did this past week.

Back in January it was all about the First Nations crisis. It lasted more than a month. That was followed by the investigation into the Conservative party's fraudulent calls, followed in May by Senate spending scandals, followed by payment of a $ 90,000 cheque paid out by Nigel Wright, Harper's former chief of staff supposedly to buy the "silence" of conservative Senator Mike Duffy.

The Mounties are still trying to establish what the ‘silence' was all aboutt.

Harper came back from Europe to find the RCMP ensconced in his office asking about the famous cheque -- if it exists, why it can't be found, and why Duffy said it was for his "silence? »

It's like a police drama. And it's happening in the Prime Minister's office.

In Guelph, a Conservative campaign worker, Michael Sona, is awaiting trial about his role in the case of automated election "robocalls. »

Sona says he's innocent and the Conservative Party is using him as a scapegoat. Newspapers like to run pictures of Sona and Harper and smiling together.

One of Harper's attack dogs, MP Dean Del Mastro, is still awaiting a date for his trial against Elections Canada. He was almost in tears in parliament the other day. The longer it takes the less chance he has of making it to cabinet this summer.

Two Manitoba Conservative MPs, Shelly Glover and James Bezan are awaiting a date for their trial against Elections Canada. Glover, the bilingual MP for Saint Boniface, was in line for a cabinet promotion.

Former Harper assistant Bruce Carson is set for a court date this summer and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau prepares for his trial in the fall.

To date, three senators appointed by Harper, Brazeau, Duffy and Senator Pamela Wallin, have resigned from the Conservative caucus following Senate investigations still going on.

Things are going badly in the polls. Justin Trudeau and his Liberals have passed Harper. The average of the last few polls: Trudeau 36%; Harper 30%; and Mulcair 28%. Not too encouraging. Harper continues to slide.

Harper's decision to cut back employment insurance benefits to 75% and force recipients to accept jobs an hour from home has not made him any more popular.

The Conservative caucus is in a deep malaise.

There is a backbench revolt going on. Members of the "reformist" old guard want to talk openly about abortion while the young Turks in Harper's office keep blocking them. MP Brent Rathgeber left Conservative caucus ranks and others threaten to follow.

A trip to South America by Harper last month produced nothing, and the G8 summit in Europe last week did not produce a free trade treaty with the European countries.

There is still no treaty on oil and gas exports with the United States.

And you wonder why it was time for Harper to go on vacation?


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