Senate boondoggle worsens

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It's more expensive than you think

The Senate scandal could be worse than we think.

The NDP say they suspect Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin passed off on to taxpayers some of her partisan travel expenses from the last federal election.

They are making a big stink about it in the Commons. They say the travel expenses she charged up to the Senate came from taxpayers' pockets.

They're claim the former CTV journalist racked up some $ 25,000 in travel expenses during the election campaign.

Wallin went to Collingwood, Ontario, on April 29 to help elect Conservative candidate Kelly Leitch.

Leitch is important to Stephen Harper. She's a friend of cabinet minister Tony Clement and is considered in line for a ministerial post in the cabinet shakeup coming this summer.

Wallin has also attended a fundraiser in Moose Jaw, April 13, for the Conservative candidate Ray Boughen.

The Senate was not in session in the six week campaign leading up to May 2 Election Day.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is taking the NDP accusations seriously. He went out of his way Thursday to defend Senator Wallin, who he appointed to the Senate in December 2008. Harper said her travel at election time was comparable to the travel expenses of other parliamentarians from her part of the country.

So if she's no worse than anybody else from that part of the world, as the prime minister is saying, then in his view, she's not bad at all. They're all like her, no better or worse. Hardly comfort for any senator.

But were their trips at election-time to take part in partisan activities? All this brings up the question as to whether senators should be allowed to travel on taxpayer expense to take part at election-time?

The New Democrats say that during the past two years, Senator Wallin has claimed 350,000 dollars in travel expenses. That's a lot of money. How do they know that? They may have to prove it.

The Senate records show that Wallin is one of top three senators in travel expenses.

Some of the other 102 senators prefer to use their 64 free airline passes to fly on commercial airlines.



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Derniers commentaires

  • G.J.W.
    16 février 2013 - 15:36

    Harper and his Conservatives are the worst tax abusers, in the history of this Nation. There has been one outrage after another. A $1 billion fake lake. $1 million to fly Harper's armored vehicles around with him. Luxury hotel suites, outrageous limo fees, $3 million for just one ministers plane fares. The list goes on forever. High salary's and gold plated pensions. All the at the time of services, we pay through the nose for are being slashed.Harper has Canada in the worst debt, in the recorded history of this country. There is just far too much corruption in the Harper government. Scores of Canadians believe, Harper cheated to win the election, with robo-call fraud. Now that fraud, has spread into Saskatchewan. Harper permits China, to set up shop on our Canadian soil. Giving China the resources and the resource jobs. Harper looks after Harper and his own selfish goals and, to hell with the people. Harper needs to resign. We want to keep Canada.

  • Herry
    16 février 2013 - 13:18

    the longer corrupt harper stays in power, the more pieces of s--- will end up in the senate !

  • Mary Hines
    16 février 2013 - 12:53

    What about Trudeau travelling on the tax payers dime and collecting money for himself to speak when he should of been at the job we were paying him for... Who paid his travel... means he was making money for himself!! How come the big stick is always on just Conservatives -