Aboriginal women are victimized

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Mounties aren't doing their job

They\'re victimized, do something!

A human rights report presented to the United Nations denounces the RCMP.

The Force does not adequately protect Aboriginal women in remote areas of the country.

The report was prepared by Human Rights Watch. It demands that Prime Minister Stephen Harper set up a national commission to investigate the fate of 600 dead or missing Aboriginal women since Harper came to power in 2006.

Harper obstinately refuses. He says they should make their complaints to the "appropriate authorities" which for him means the RCMP Public Complaints Commission.

The worst region for missing aboriginal women is British Columbia.

Aboriginal leaders made the same demands for a national inquiry during their meeting with Harper last month. Harper refused at that time as well.

The Opposition in the House of Commons yesterday sided with India women, but Harper still held firm good -- no commission of inquiry on aboriginal women presumed dead or missing.


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  • Justin Flontek
    14 février 2013 - 14:38

    The rcmp are sure having a hard time keeping in their pants, as of late. I think it's about time for a public inquiry. Too many bad apples in the rcmp to allow them their own investigation.