As hot as ever in the Commons

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Nasty cracks left and right

The other day in the Commons, NDP MP Charlie Angus made a nasty crack about Pierre Poilievre, the Transport secretary : "Even when he's got his clown nose on, he doesn't make sense."

It came after a bizarre answer that Poilievre gave to an earlier question.

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice had asked Poilievre about a conflict of interest violation involving the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty.

Flaherty had written to the CRTC requesting that the commission grant a radio license to a company in his constituency.

By law, the CRTC is independent of cabinet ministers. They do not have the right to tell the CRTC to whom it should grant a radio station license.

Conflict of Interest Commissioner Mary Dawson examined the case and ruled that Flaherty had violated the conflict of interest law by writing his letter.

Instead of answering the question about Flaherty, Poilievre wandered off on a strange tangent about separatists in Quebec, none of which had any connection to Flaherty or his violation of conflict of interest code.

But Poilievre certainly had no red clown nose, although he may have been blushing red in the face a little.

Just another day of incomprehensibility in Parliament.



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