Trudeau reveals leadership strategy

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He knows what he's doing

Trudeau is into a leadership campaign very different from those we have known in the past.

No question of attacking his Liberal rivals, no question either of giving Stephen Harper ammunition to use against him or in the next election.

Trudeau remembers how Harper took apart Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff using what they had said about each other, turning it against them.

Trudeau has no interest in having the same thing done to him.

He tells us only that his campaign will focus on what he calls "Canadian values" -- whatever that means. Obviously the inference is that the present prime minister does not focus on those values.

Should we expect a white gloves campaign from Trudeau? Yes, at least for the Liberal leadership.

The other day, Marc Garneau, his main leadership rival, came out in favor of more commercialization in the world of communications.

Trudeau quickly replied that he too is in favor of that, without giving further explanations.

When Harper announced that he favored the sale of the Canadian oil company, Nexen Inc. to the Chinese government, Trudeau announced that he too was in agreement.

But when it came to the Northern Gateway "pipeline" through the Rocky Mountains, Trudeau disagreed with Harper.

As for Harper's F-35 fighter aircraft, awarded by Harper without tender to Lockheed-Martin for $ 30 billion, Trudeau says he would call for an open competition?

So what exactly does Trudeau stand for?

The answer comes quickly - "taking care of the middle class."

Nicely said, but what exactly does that mean?

For that, we will have to wait.

And what does he consider his greatest asset?

"I can listen," he replies.

Take that, Stephen Harper!

This guy Trudeau has a nice  backhand.


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