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They'll get know each other

The Harper government has decided to put two prisoners per cell in several federal prisons. This goes against the Charter of Rights of the United Nations. It was passed 10 years ago.

But we all know what Stepĥen Harper thinks of the United Nations, and what they think of him.

This revealing plan to crowd more prisoners into single cells is in some confidential government documents that leaked out last week.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said two months ago that he saw "no problem" with the double bunking in federal penitentiaries.

Now we have confirmation that the Harper government will take action in response to what Toews said.

But the Conservative government, knowing how the decision will be unpopular, decided not to make a lot of noise with the announcement.

Incarceration experts predicted that Harper's new harsher criminal laws would quickly fill our prisons, and new jails would cost $ 5 billion over five years.

But if Harper cording prisoners like logs, two per cell, jail construction costs will be greatly reduced and Harper can say "I told you it would not cost very much. '

That way the Harper government avoids having to build new prisons.

Harper promised a year ago that he would not need to build new prisons to house all the new prisoners he intended to send to jail.

Double bunking is described by the experts at the United Nations as "inappropriate as a permanent accommodation measure within the framework of good corrections.

"We know what happens when you stack humans in small spaces for long periods of time."

But how much does Harper care about the living conditions of prisoners?

It's victims and their families who vote at election time, not prisoners.

We did get an advance notice. Earlier in the year, plans for expansions of existing prisons showed renovated with enough room for a second bunk in each cell.

The plans were described as suitable for "Double Accommodation." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Harper was planning.

In some Middle East countries, three, four or even half a dozen prisoners get crowded into a cell. We are not there yet with Harper. But give him time.




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