Another minister caught up in a scandal

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This is the 23rd minister

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue, is rarely talked about in the House of Commons. He's a discreet fellow.

But not this week. He is involved in a scandal that goes back to the last elections.

Penashue racked up $ 25,000 in flights on Provincial Airways, but only paid $ 17,000.

The other $ 8000 of the invoice was cleared odd as if by a miracle.

What a great gift for a guy who ended up a cabinet minister afrter winning his seat by 79 votes. Pierre Poutine would have been proud of this guy.

It is against the law for companies to make political donations to politicians. The penalty if convicted is up to five years in prison for those responsible.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday in the House of Commons that the case was a simple accounting error by Penashue's official agent.

The official agent has already been replaced, said Harper.

What he did not say is that Harper appointed the guy who couldn't count to a cozy job at the Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Commission.

Liberal leader Bob Rae asked why a guy who couldn't add up $ 25,000 in campaign expenses, would be suited to manage a billion dollar oil industry?

Rae accused the Conservatives of buying Penashue's election.



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