Growing scandal at the McGill super hospital

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Dr. Arthur Porter found in the Bahamas

Two La Presse journalists have found the good doctor Arthur Porter living in luxury in the West Indies at Old Fort Bay, Bahamas.

The Operation Marteau cops had been looking for him for some time.

The Marteau investigation is targeting of SNC-Lavali officials, alleged to have made questionable payments of $ 22 million to get their hands on the lucrative contract to build the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in Montreal.

It will be one of the largest hospital projects in North America and could easily cost $ 1.3 billion.

According to sources, the police believe the renown Dr. Arthur Porter may have been the SNC-Lavalin "gateway" to the contract.

Police raided the offices of the hospital on September 18 and afterwards investigators interviewed former Conservative Senator David Angus.

Dr. Porter, Senator Angus and almost entire the Board of Directors resigned en masse in December and January.

Porter left his post as general-director in December 2011, when accounting people at SNC-Lavalin began examining $ 22 million dollars of questionable payments.

Porter is enjoying a pleasant life down South. He's a partner in a "The Space Nightclub" strip club in the Bahamas.

Angus, a Montreal lawyer, is an old friend of Brian Mulroney in 1976 and acted as a fundraiser. He's still in Montreal.

Angus was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the MUHC until last January, when a reshuffle replaced the most of its members shortly after the departure of Arthur Porter

It was Porter and Angus who chaired the selection committee that chose SNC-Lavalin' McGill Health Infrastructure Group, to build the super hospital.

Nobody has been charged in this case and the facts have not been proven in court.



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  • Xavier Beaulieu
    22 décembre 2012 - 11:04

    The Space nightclub is a regular nightclub, not a stripclub as stated in the article.