Harper goes after "immigrant criminals"

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No more right of appeal

Bye bye immigrants!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a new law coming in this fall to deport immigrants who are what his government calls "immigrant criminals."

Immigrants convicted to six months in jail for crimes committed in Canada will be booted out of the country right after serving their sentences.

No more right of appeal.

Six months is not a long sentence in Harper's new Canada.

Six months can be negligence behind the wheel, selling marijuana to a neighbor, or shoplifting.

"Good-bye. Out you go!

"Yes, but my wife is Canadian. "

"Too bad!"

"Our children are Canadian. Who's going to take care of them? "

"You should have thought about that before committing your crime, fella."

In presenting the Bill C-43 legislation this week Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said that Canadians are tired of immigrants coming here to commit crimes and then clinging to laws that allow them to go on appeal for years.

"From now on, if you commit a crime, make sure you're Canadian," said Kenney.

The minister realized what he was saying. It was as if he was telling immigrants to become citizens so they could commit a crime without being tossed out of Canada.

Bill C-43 will be the law this fall. There is no one in Parliament who can stop Harper now. He has his majority. He can do what he wants.

Immigration lawyers may be able to take Harper to Federal Court to have his new law ruled unconstitutional, but that is about all. It could take years.



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