Penny-pinching MPs won their elections

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A script good enough for Hollywood

Skimpy MPs!

Six MPs elected in Quebec in the May 2 elections hardly spent a dime.

The six new members swept in on the orange tide last year.

The six penny-pinching MPs are young; most were still in university before the election.

NDP organizers went looking for them and said: "Here. You're our candidate. "

"Learn the party platform, smile a lot, and shake hands. Jack Layton will do the rest. Don't worry."

The rest was a snap - an inexpensive snap. No office expenses, no campaign office, no furniture, no telephones, no posters, no signs, no flyers, no pamphlets, no printing.

It was as if it was a fantasy. Voters went to the polls themselves.

They already knew they were voting for "Le Bon Jack."

One day Hollywood will do a movie and everyone will say: "This is not true. It doesn't happen like that.

But it did happen like that. And it cost almost nothing.

The best explanation comes from Philip Toone, who won Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

"Expenses? What expenses? There was just me and my orange tie. "

Toone had neither signs nor expenses except for the $12.50 his accountant charged him to write up a very short expense report to Elections Canada after the elections.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau in Berthier-Maskinongé - the famous candidate who to Las Vegas for the elections - spent all of $ 22.50. She probably lost more than that in two minutes at the roulette table.

Three "non-spenders" came from McGill University: Matthew Dubé, Mylène Freeman and Laurin Liu who all won their elections without the big bucks.

Dubé, in Chambly-Borduas, did not spend the $ 112.50 the party had sent him in case he needed some money. He returned it.

The $ 90 that Freeman received in Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel, was never touched.

Laurin Liu put $ 270 into the coffers of her local riding association in Rivière-des-MiIle-Îles.

It's refreshing to see enthusiastic youngsters win their elections without spending our money.

Yes, it is our money because Elections Canada reimburses 60% of each candidate's election expenses.

Spend zero, and you get a refund of "zero."

Compare that to the Bloc Quebecois candidate - who shall go nameless - who spent $ 60 000 and lost his election, or the Conservative who whipped through $ 30 000 and also lost. We paid them reimbursements.

If we only had a few more of those penny-pinching "Dippers" among our 308 MPs.


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