Stéphane Dion wants your money

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Using Turmel to do get it

He sent me a personal letter asking for a donation.

Strange. I didn’t think he knew me.

Especially not by my first name.

He spent most of the letter dumping on Opposition leader Nycole Turmel for having held a Bloc Québécois membership card for four years.

Nothing wrong with nailing her for that. She deserved it.  The NDP constitution specifically forbids party members from holding membership cards in other political parties.

That clause went into the NDP constitution because other political parties kept accusing the NDP of having card-carrying communists in their ranks.

But wait a minute, is that the same Stéphane Dion leading the charge aagainst Turmel who we all thought was politically dead and gone two elections ago, buried under a ton of carbon tax somewhere in the West Island.

But no, he’s alive and well again, re-elected May 2 and fighting, albeit against a woman politician over the earth-shattering issue of why she might have had a membership card in another political party.

It’s a long way down the political relevancy line from fighting for a cleaner Canadian environment for all of us to arguing with a woman politician over her reasons for a membership in another party.

That carbon tax idea of his didn’t go over too well, but eventually at least half the world signed on to it. That after all, is what we can call 'an achievement' and something that was worth fighting for.

It’s good to see Dion has survived the messy beating he took from Stephen Harper’s puffin bird two elections ago. Dion’s suit is crisp and clean again.

Harper’s nasty boys on Lancaster Boulevard in Ottawa had a great time with their puffin-bird dumping on Dion from a great height. 

The message was clear:  “Dion is no leader!”

Certainly not when even the birds poop on you. That was the end of Dion’s political career, we all thought.  But here he is again, even if he’s only a Turmel-crusher these days.

We’ll see how far he gets with this latest campaign.

Watch out for the Turmel-chickadee, Stéphane.

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