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Importing Vaping Products To Canada

Over the past years, vaping has become a trend and enjoyed by everyone. However, like cigarettes and alcohol, vaping comes with health risks thus needs to be regulated. In Canada, vape products are very popular among adults and even thevaporist also offer these juices. Vape products are legal but a lot of people are wondering how to import them into the country.

If you have a few questions about importing vaping products in Canada, this article might answer some of those.

It is legal to import vaping products but for personal consumption only

Unfortunately, it is illegal in the country to import vaping products for business purposes. However, you can import them legally for personal use. This means that whichever country you came from, you can bring your vaping products on train, plane, car, or whatever means you use in crossing the border.

If you are to go to the country by plane, you need to abide by the CATSA regulations. Like bringing a liquid, you can bring e-juice so long as it weighs at least 100ml. Usually, you can bring your vaping device with the battery removed in your hand-carry baggage. However, this practice may be different in some airlines, hence it is always important to check on them.

You can order vape products but with limitations

Nicotine products have health claims and are regulated by the FDA. If you want nicotine products to be shipped in Canada, you will need authorization from the FDA. Even if the product claims to have health benefits, it will still need to follow the FDA regulations. If you want your vape products to be shipped smoothly, make sure that it is labeled as “not Marketed for a Therapeutic use.”

You can’t import 66mg/g nicotine vape juice

Canadian laws classify 66mg/g vape as “very toxic.” Products classified as very toxic are prohibited in the country. This means that 66mg/g nicotine juice can’t be marketed, sold, advertised, and even imported. Canda is very strict on this matter, hence, the person violating such will face penalties and imprisonment.

You can import vape products that don’t follow the packaging standards

Liquids or e-juice between 10 to 66 mg/g are not allowed and are strictly banned in Canada. They are classified as toxic thus don’t meet the Canadian health standards. For a vape product to be allowed in the country, it must follow the outline provided by the CCCR. Some of these requirements are passing the childproof lid and leakage test.


The laws in Canada concerning vape products are not absolute. It may change over time. As of the moment, there is an ongoing discussion of producing more funky vape flavors with underage Canadians as the target market. For this reason, lawmakers are expected to ban these funky flavors soon.

On the brighter side, with the secured popularity of vaping products in Canada, these products are also expected to be legal for business imports. We will definitely see more imported vape products in the future.

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