Attractive Woman Boosts Testosterone Levels

How the Presence of an Attractive Woman Boosts Testosterone Levels and Increases Physical Risk-Taking in Men

There are so many things that can boost testosterone levels in men. But did you know that not only testosterone supplements boost testosterone levels, but also the presence of an attractive woman is linked to boosting testosterone? Read here to learn more.

What is Testosterone?

Simply put, testosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for certain male behaviours, including sexual arousal. While females also have testosterone, it is usually in lower concentration, and it may not make a great impact. The testosterone levels in men can decrease as a result of different factors, including age, diet, and more.

Fortunately, testosterone levels can be increased naturally. Besides exercising, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and taking supplements, researchers have also established that the presence of a beautiful woman can ignite your testosterone levels.

How the Presence of an Attractive Woman Boosts the Testosterone Levels

A study has shown that testosterone levels in men can increase in the presence of an attractive woman. Researchers conducting the study in the inaugural issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science asked men to do some tricks on skateboards to measure testosterone levels.

The young skateboarders were asked to perform the tricks in front of other men and later in front of attractive women. The researchers sought to determine testosterone levels when men make risky decisions in life. They wanted to know whether the young men would land or abort the trick while keeping in mind the likelihood of crashing.

According to the study, it was established that the young men were willing to take risks in the presence of a beautiful woman despite the possibility of crashing. Consequently, this led to an increase in their testosterone levels by 39%. Of course, the increased risk-taking led to increased success and crashes.

On the other hand, testosterone levels were lower in men who attempted the trick in the presence of fellow men. Overall, most men were unwilling to take more risks when a fellow man in the present, unlike when a beautiful woman was present.

Another study conducted by the University of California and published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B also established that the presence of a beautiful woman helped boost testosterone levels in men.

The study involved 149 young men aged between 118 and 24 years who were made to interact with fellow men while others interacted with attractive women. In the 5 minutes study, the young men were asked to rate the level of the physical attractiveness of the women, ranging from one to seven.

The men were then asked to swish mouthwash, after which the sample of their saliva was collected and tested. The testing was done within 20 and 4o minutes after the participants were exposed to members of the opposite sex.

After the study, it was found that men felt good when flirting with attractive women. After the study, testosterone levels increased by 14%. The researchers also found that it can increase the cortisol hormone by 48%, which is responsible for enhancing alertness and well-being.

When men are exposed to pretty women, their testosterone and cortisol levels are boosted. This explains why you will feel good yet nervous while flirting with beautiful women.

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