How CBD Is Applied in Art

Hemp is usually associated with health or legalization. But, it has more hidden characteristics. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s closely connected with art. Many artists have admired flowers from various CBD oil brands in their hemp oil paints, hemp canvases, and many others. Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Piccaso, Vincent Van Gogh, and Michelangelo Buonarroti were some notable artists in history who utilized hemp buds in their work.

This shows that the use of hemp is not only on hues but also on canvas. It’s interesting to know that the word “canvas” is derived from the Latin word “cannapaceus” which means made of hemp. If you’re interested in how CBD is applied in art, continue reading.

Why Hemp Is Utilized in Art

Hemp is applied in the art to maintain the excellent condition of art pieces even after a long period. Some are not appropriate for professional work since they get easily damaged. In the case of the hemp plant, it’s possible to have a very durable and resistant surface thanks to its fibres. Also, it doesn’t affect the colours and adds shine to any work.

To better understand how hemp is helpful in art, let’s use the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. Most people don’t know that hemp was used, specifically cannabidiol flower oil colours. The pope who had commissioned this didn’t know that hemp was used. Van Gogh’s self-portrait was also done on canvas. These examples show that artists have discovered the quality of hemp and taken advantage of it in the most well-known pieces.

Hemp is also utilized in contemporary works seen in furniture, illustrations, construction, walls, and many others. Put simply, many things can be made from hemp fibre.

Using Hemp in Painting

Art galleries, including the ones that show works by Renaissance artists, have displayed hemp paintings. That’s because hemp fiber has always been utilized. Marijuana has been used for centuries because it has always been known as versatile and beneficial. Hemp is very resistant compared to other fibres.

Also, canvases made from help can withstand mould, shocks, and humidity. Art pieces done on hemp canvases last for a long time because they don’t absorb light. This is why hemp is a valuable resource in painting and many artists still opt to use it to create their pieces.

Hemp and Art in the Present

You understand how significant hemp was in the art in history. However, this is still currently used. Many artists have expressed the use of hemp canvases in their work in their exhibitions. In 2014, an art gallery organized specially for hemp was made in Oregon. The goal of this gallery was to make more people aware of the use of hemp to express their creativity.


Finally, you have a better understanding of how CBD is applied in art. Hemp, indeed, has a lot of advantages. Some are well-known, and some are not. If you want to express yourself through art, you would want to choose canvases and oils that bring out your creative best. It’s highly recommended to consider hemp products for your art materials.

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