Harper is preparing his elections

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He knows what he's doing

Sooner than expected



You can tell a general election is getting awfully close when political parties start picking their candidates.

Especially when they pick their candidates in secret and then keep the selections secret.

That’s what’s happening right now.

The Conservatives have picked about 100 of their 338 candidates so far, but not made much noise about it.

Only about 30 Conservative candidates have broken their silence to announce they have been picked. We also know about Rob Anders getting the boot in Calgary and a few others who haven’t announced it publicly.

Some who were picked secretly have already been approved by leader Stephen Harper. Talk about organization.

The Liberals won’t say publicly how many candidates they have picked, but some Liberal organizers say that by July 1, they will have picked 80 Liberal candidates.  Their names may not be announced by that date.

One way we find out who has been picked is when a big fight occurs between rival Liberals for a nomination, as in the Trinity-Spadina riding.

That brings us to the New Democrats. They won’t say who has been picked, not even Thomas Mulcair, but you can bet he’ll be a candidate.

Does that mean the NDP is super-secret, and is planning to surprise everybody sometime soon with a long list of chosen candidates, or that they intend to keep us waiting right until the last possible moment?

Canadian law says the next general elections are scheduled to be held October 19, 2015.  But we know what Stephen Harper thinks of the law.

Not picking your candidates early enough can be a problem.

Remember in 2008 Harper went to see then Governor-General Michaelle Jean and after five minutes managed to convince her that he had to hold a snap election because the country faced an unreal and imagined danger.

So Jean broke the rules and Harper got his snap election.

And we got Harper!

The same thing could happen again. How long would Harper’s old friend Governor-General David Johnston, wait before bending the October 19 date?

Wasn’t Johnston appointed by the Queen on Harper’s advice?  Wasn’t Johnston the guy who gave Harper the helpful advice about Brian Mulroney and the big brown envelope scandal?

Don’t make any bets on the date of the next election just yet, but if you were contemplating a candidacy in the next federal election, don’t wait around too long.



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