Nathan Cullen defends Obama from Harper

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foreign fight averted nicely by NDP MP

Prime Minister Stephen Harper came close to a fight with U.S. President Barack Obama back in September over the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Harper went down to the U.S. and told a major economic conference that Canada won’t take “No” for an answer from Obama over the route that Harper wants the Keystone XL pipeline to take through the U.S.

Now why would Harper say a thing like that? What’s he going to do if Obama doesn’t do as he says?  Is he going to declare war on the U.S. or jump up and down and stomp his feet?  

Harper said the “logic” in favor of building the Keystone pipeline where he and the big oil companies want it is “simply overwhelming.”

What is Harper trying to tell Obama? That the U.S. has no choice but to listen to him?

Harper went further. He warned Obama that if the U.S. doesn’t build the Keystone pipeline where he’s been told to build it, Harper will “keep pushing.” Harper never explained what he meant by “pushing” the United States.

Obama had too much class to ask where Harper gets off telling Americans where to build their pipeline through their own country.

Meanwhile back in Canada New Democratic MP Nathan Cullen jumped into the fight, announcing that Harper had “lost his mental capacity to argue his case.”

Since when has Cullen become an expert on mental illness in other politicians, one might ask?

Cullen said that Harper’s threat to push the United States has “no connection whatsoever to reality.” Maybe it does for Harper.

“Is he hoping for the demise of Mr. Obama and the Democratic party, Cullen added?”

Cullen had still more snap-back. “Harper’s making no sense and he’s lost his credibility and any possible retention of balance when it comes to pipelines because he’s only able to argue one side of the case.”

One might well ask, since when has Harper been able to argue the other side of any case?

In the end, what could have been a big nasty between Canada and the U.S. over Harper trying to tell the U.S. president what to do, turned into Cullen telling off Harper.

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