Trudeau recruits star candidate from military

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A military hero of Afghanistan

Some military help...


The military votes Conservative, not Liberal and even less NDP.

The boys in uniform could never stand Pierre Trudeau.

The new Liberal leader Justin Trudeau wants to change all that.

Trudeau has recruited a star candidate from the military for the coming elections. He’s Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, hero of the war in Afghanistan, a former commander of the land forces in Afghanistan and a former Army Chief of Staff. Leslie, 55,  has 35 years of military service.

Trudeau appointed him to a new team of international affairs advisers.

He comes from an old military family with strong ties to the Liberals.

Two of his grandfathers were ministers of defense, and one of them General Andrew McNaughton, was a hero of the Great War and was the commander of the First Canadian Division during World War II and a friend of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who appointed him defense minister.

General Leslie has a son and a daughter, both are in the military. It runs in the blood, as they say.

In 2011, Leslie wrote a report severely criticizing the huge sums of money Prime Minister Stephen Harper wasted on high-ranking military while cutting back on equipment and training. The grunts have been waiting 10 years for new armored cars - the same for military trucks from Texas, the missing warships, and Harper’s famous F -35 fighter jets.

The Leslie report was very well received in the ranks who often complain that officers are spoiled while the ranks have to make do with what’s left.

Leslie has criticized the treatment of wounded and maimed soldiers who returned from the war in Afghanistan. The Harper government is quick to praise the bravery and courage of the Canadian forces, but caring for soldiers returning from the front is another matter.

Leslie is looking for a riding for the next federal election in 2015.


Trudeau now has generals Roméo Dallaire and Andrew Leslie. Compare that to Julian Fantino, Harper’s Minister of Veterans Affairs.


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