No Montreal colors for Toronto bus drivers

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"No thanks, we're Leafs' fans!"

Let\'s trade!

Toronto transit workers are furious.

Their bosses have spent $ 2 million to buy them new uniforms - red, white, and blue -- the colors of the Montreal Canadiens.

If there is something that Toronto Maple Leafs fans detest, it is the Montreal Canadiens.

Yes, Toronto subway, streetcar, trolley and bus drivers in the Queen City will be wearing the horizontally-striped tricolor of the Canadiens.

The Habs' colors will be on their work shirts, their baseball caps, their entire uniforms, painted top to bottom, looking for all the world like fans at the Bell Centre.

They are already laughing stock. "Hey Rocket, have you had your hat trick today?"

The Toronto Transit Commission had hoped to replace the caps, shirts, jackets, ties, pants and scarves of its 5,000 employees as of January. Now it's all up in the air.

Union president Bob Kinnear told Radio-Canada that drivers are "probably" going to boycott Canadian shirts.

The conflict has even made the news on the CBS Sports Network under the heading: "This is how it happens in Canada. »

The network went on to explain that in Toronto: "They take their hockey seriously."

You would too if your team had not won the Stanley Cup since 1967.

But there is a way out of the mess. The uniforms of the Montreal transit workers are blue and white.

That just happens to be the colors that would fit the Toronto public transport workers just fine.

So they could trade, Montreal's blue and white in exchange for Toronto's red, white and blue.

And then everybody could be happy, and the transit system in Toronto could save a bundle.



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