Putin calls Harper a "Trotskyite"

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warns of embassy attacks


Vladimir Putin and Stephen Harper met at the APEC gathering in Vladivostok last weekend.

The news doing the rounds in Ottawa this week is that the meeting was not overly cordial.

Putin called Harper a "Trotskyite" and accused him and other Western leaders of exporting revolution around the world and promoting political instability.

Putin warned Harper to expect protests against Western embassies throughout the Muslim world.

They not alone. Apparently there were interpreters, aides, and bodyguards with them. In other words, there were witnesses.

If this is true, the question becomes "What did Harper do?" Did he warn Barack Obama? If not, why not?

David Akin, a reliable journalist who reported the news, links it to sources in the entourage of the Prime Minister.

So far, Harper has neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Akin adds a personal comment in his report: "I'm not sure how Putin made the connection between Stephen Harper and the Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, but Putin's basic point was that Western leaders are dangerously naive to interfere in the affairs of Middle Eastern dictators.



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