Conservative crackdown on nude dancers

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Even then, they manage to blow it

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was sickened to hear how erotic dancers hired in Eastern Europe and Asia end up forced into prostitution trade here in Canada.

His government is refusing to issue any more visas to strippers from foreign countries. Like that Canada would no longer contribute to the enslavement of women in prostitution.

Although only 5% of the 38 000 erotic dancers in Canada come from foreign countries, it was seemed like a good move for Harper to cancel visas of erotic dancers from abroad, and refuse to renew visas of those already here.

But now it seems the scumbags who ply the prostitution trade using duped foreign dancers have gone even lower.

And they are getting their revenge against Harper.

For years they have been recruiting students in universities and in community colleges as erotic dancers, only to force them into prostitution.

Now they are going one step further, and using color brochures to lure girls from Toronto high schools.

The law is clear, no dancers under 18 years of age, but who really enforces that law?

The brochure produced by strip club owners extols the benefits of the ‘burlesque' trade as they call it.

The work pays well claims the brochure, (which is true - as much as $ 1 000 a night) and offers "flexible hours" (yes, if working until 3 a.m. is your idea of "flexible") and is a "great part-time job to provide tuition" if it's your idea of paying for your education that way.

The next move is up to the Harper government.


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