Harper won't reveal budget details

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For fear of being criticized

Harper maintains that he doesn't have to provide such information.

Why should he risk being criticized publicly for wasting taxpayers' money and for the size of the budget deficit?

Somebody gave the order to 64 of 82 government departments and agencies not to release details on 5.2 billion dollars of cuts in this year's budget.

It remains unclear who might have given the order.


Two University of Ottawa law professors concluded in a legal opinion they wrote for the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page that Harper must by law provide details so that parliamentarians and Page as well can do their jobs.

The two lawyers conclude that in their view, Harper is wrong and Kevin Page is right. Hand over the details Steve.

They say the Harper government has violated the Act of Parliament law by refusing to provide information requested by Page.

Page said that the budget details he wants are essential for parliamentarians to verify where taxpayers' money went.

Harper says he has already made public enough material. Anybody who wants more has only to read the budget adopted as part of the big Omnibus Bill in the Commons Monday night.

Under the Act of Parliament law the Harper government must disclose its financial and economic data of the budget.

Kevin Page is an independent "officer» of Parliament who by law answers to Parliament, not to Harper.

Harper has had Page turning around in circles since March, withholding the budget details Page has been demanding.

It remains to be seen whether Page will haul Harper into Federal Court or if Harper can slip away once again.


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