Harper celebrating; still sliding in the polls

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The scandals keep piling up around him

He\'s good!

Harper celebrated the first anniversary of his May 2 majority election. He even gave a little speech to his people, boasting plenty of his many "accomplishments."

But not a word about the militarization of Canada and those fancy Lockheed fighter jets that will cost us an arm and a leg at a $135 million each. And we still don't know whether they'll fly.

Not a blessed word about Pierre Poutine trying to steal the last election.

Not a word either about ministers using military helicopters to fly out of their favorite Newfoundland fishing camps.

No mention of ministers bunking up in Europe's finest hotels and knocking back glasses of orange juice at $ 16 a pop.

Not a word either not on the latest scandal this week, 37 cabinet ministers with government paid earning close to $ 100 000 per year, including overtime driving them around town.

Harper finished his little speech by proclaiming proudly that "le meilleur pays au monde" (Canada is the best country in the world.)

What? Back in the days of Jean Chretien, Canada was "the most best (sic) country in the world."

What? We're going backwards now?


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