The party at 24 Sussex goes all wrong

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So who was watching the kids?

Stephen Harper’s teenage kids had a small party for their friends in the official residence at 24 Sussex Drive Saturday night.

The party went on until the early hours of Sunday morning. But then something went terribly wrong.

An 18-year old girl who had been invited to the party drank too much and fell unconscious. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital.

We don’t know if Harper or his wife Laureen Teskey were in the house at that time, or whether they are the ones who called the ambulance. They won’t say.

Some of the young people said later that when the ambulance arrived, the young woman in question was outside the residence throwing up.

It is often said in Canada that Harper controls a lot of things, in fact, too many things already.  This was one time when it might have been better for Harper to have controlled things a little more.

By chance, this happened  to be the week that the latest security costs surrounding the Prime Minister and his family were released publicly.

What shows up is a cost of $ 23 million over the last seven years. Costs that have risen 129% since the first year.

Not too encouraging, one might say, for a Prime Minister who boasts of his ability to manage government spending.

One of  the bills is for a million dollars to ship by air Harper’s own armored limousine to India when he visited there two years ago. Harper did not trust the limousines offered to him by the Indian president to ensure his security. So we end up paying and Harper got to ride in his own limo.

Malicious bloggers wrote this week that one might have imagined that $ 23 million spent on RCMP security might have been enough for the Mounties to look after the young people at 24 Sussex. Except that the RCMP is not responsible for monitoring underage drinking at 24 Sussex or acting as baby-sitters. Parents are unusually responsible for that sort of thing.

The former head of the RCMP protection detail who was so popular with the Harper family is no longer there. Harper appointed Bruno Saccomani as the  Canadian Ambassador to Jordan, the dream of a lifetime for the former cop.


The Harper family nor the prime minister’s office want to answer questions from reporters this week. The whole thing is a big secret. We aren’t supposed  to find out.  So who knows what was Stephen and Laureen’s role in monitoring their kids, who exactly who was the girl who went to hospital in an ambulance and how is she was doing this week.

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