Harper and Couillard hold Bridge summit

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Who will pay for the new Champlain Bridge?



Stephen Harper meets Couillard this week.

Which Couillard ?

No, not Julie Couillard. Harper is no Max Bernier.

Harper is meeting the new premier of Quebec, Dr. Philippe Couillard. He wanted to talk to him as soon as possible before the other premiers get to him and turn him against the federal government.

When Pauline Marois was elected, Harper took a month before meeting her.  He was not afraid they would turn her against the federal government.  She was already turned.

The Harper government is building a new Champlain Bridge over the St. Lawrence River, hopefully before the existing span falls into the river.

But he wants the Quebec government to pay for it, not the federal government.

Quebeckers say a federal bridge should be paid for by the federal government, just as a provincial bridge should be paid for by the province in which it is located.

Couillard will be telling Harper there is no way he is going to try to convince Quebeckers they should be paying for Harper’s bridge.

And Harper will be trying to convince Couillard that Quebec needs to pay for the bridge so he can convince the other provinces to pay for their own federal bridges.  

Should be interesting to see how the whole thing winds up.


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