Trudeau hides platform details

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Why give ammunition to the other side

As the upcoming general elections get closer, Justin Trudeau bombards us again with the major themes of his election platform without providing very many details.

Unlike his major opponent Stephen Harper, the Liberal leader rarely talks about the fight against crime, or the need to increase oil sands production, or build more pipelines, and he never ever talks about sending our troops off to war anywhere in the world.

He talks instead about what his beloved middle class is going through, the importance of restoring the wealth of the middle class, and wiping out the growing economic inequality between average and wealthy Canadians.

And to him, that means more jobs.

"When there are jobs, he said at the recent Liberal party convention in Montreal, “incomes rise, and there are opportunities for our children and our economy goes to work."

Trudeau loves to talk about the middle class, families, and children and only rarely does he talk about oil companies and their pipelines.

For him economic progress starts with middle class families and when there is no economic progress, he says, fear takes over. Only hope can repel fear.

If this isn’t Trudeau the philosopher, then what is?

He usually says nothing that we don’t already know, but he has to keep repeating it over and over, so there is no way we confuse him with Stephen Harper.

That’s important because the Harper Conservatives are continually attacking Trudeau on the economic issues. They believe that’s his weak point.

Trudeau in turn, keeps repeating the Conservatives and the NDP are the parties of anger and that they spend their time trying to get Canadians riled up at everything, at each other, and especially at the other two political parties.

“I have no interest in participating in a competition as do Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair to see who can get Canadians angrier," he has repeated several times in recent weeks.

The Conservatives keep repeating that Trudeau preaches his economic  philosophy without providing specific details, and that nobody can live just on hope and wishful thinking.

Trudeau answers back that Canadians need hope after eight years of Harper government, and that eventually he will be releasing details of his platform when the election rolls around.



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