Mulcair softens towards Trudeau

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Mulcair nicer to him now

A future alliance?



Before Justin Trudeau became  Liberal Party leader, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair kept saying there would never ever be a coalition between the two parties.

Mulcair was adamant. "Liberals are not trustworthy," he said without ever explaining the nature of that lack of reliability.

Mulcair made ​​no secret that his priority was to get rid of Stephen Harper "first and foremost."

At that time, the Liberals were still buried in third place in the polls. And Mulcair was the only party leader that people saw as ever replacing Harper as prime minister.

But time has passed and things changed, in life as in politics. Trudeau became the Liberal leader and his popularity began to skyrocket as Harper’s began to slowly decline.

Today Trudeau is in first place with the best chance of finishing first in the next election.

Now Mulcair is more hesitant to criticize Trudeau, and no longer says there will never be a coalition between Liberals and the NDP. Mulcair simply says who knows what will happen after the election.

The best example came this week. Harper and his Conservatives attacked Trudeau for joking during his visit to "Tout le Monde en Parle" on TV last Sunday about the wrath of Russia against Ukraine.

Mulcair did not called Trudeau a clown, a joker, or even simple-minded for his less than side-splitting humor.

Mulcair no longer calls Trudeau or the Liberals "unreliable" or “untrustworthy” even though he says that Harper remains the primary target of the NDP.

When asked what he thought of Harper’s decision to punish Trudeau for his weak joke on television by not inviting Trudeau or any other Liberal with him to the delegation in Ukraine, Mulcair chose to shut his mouth rather than say a bad word against Trudeau.

Mulcair simply said he hoped that all will be well for the Conservative delegation in Ukraine.

Time can sure change things in politics.


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