You’re Paying Their Free Lunch

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No fools these cabinet chiefs of staff

Living the free life!






The Chiefs of Staff  of Harper cabinet ministers know how to get a free lunch on our dime.

They meet, about thirty of them at a time, once a week for lunch in a private dining room to discuss government business and partisan political matters.

Like anyone else, after a while they get feeling hungry.

That’s when they order in food from nearby restaurants, and it’s the taxpayers who pay the bill.

Invoices for meals billed to the federal government by these guys, obtained by the Huffington Post and other media, show that for past three years it has cost us about $ 68 000 to assuage the noon-time hunger of these ministerial chiefs of staff..

These gentlemen are not poor. They earn an average of  $ 178 000 a  year. This is real money, more in fact, than make members of Parliament.

The Conservative government says it’s alright and it has no intention of making them pay for their once-a-week noonday meal on our dime.

These fellows are entitled to it. They are, after all, Conservative appointees.



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