Brazeau is watching nude dancers

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He may have his hands full

What a change!




Former Senator Patrick Brazeau has finally found some interesting work.

He’s going to be a “Day Boss” in an Ottawa strip club, the "Barefax Gentlemen's Club "in the Byward Market.

It's not immediately clear what the differences are  between a "Day Boss” and a "Night Boss" at a strip club.  Are the “girls” more awake during the day?

His salary is going to be a lot less than the $ 134,400 a year he was paid as a Stephen Harper senator before being expelled following accusations that he had pocketed 50,000 dollars more than he should have for his senator’s housing allowance in Ottawa.

Brazeau said he had to take "intensive" two week course to get his job at the club.  What exactly constitutes an "intensive" course to manage strippers? What kind of intensiveness is required?

Parliament photographers rushed down to the Byward Market on Wednesday afternoon as soon the news came out. They wanted to photograph Brazeau with his young day-time charges. But alas, Brazeau was not there, and most of the dancers were silent as stones or maybe they were trying to catch up on sleep.

Brazeau told friends he is in great need of money to pay the $ 200,000 mortgage on his home in Gatineau.

His job at «Barefax " is not his first work experience after leaving the Senate. Last month he was hired in Halifax by the satirical magazine "Frank" hoping to become a political journalist.

But alas, after writing a single article, the boss showed him the door. Brazeau was even denied Press Gallery accreditation in Ottawa. Talk about small-minded journalists. He could always bar them from his club, to get even with them.

Things are not going too well otherwise for the former Conservative senator.

Brazeau faces charges of fraud and breach of trust in the housing allowance case.

In another unrelated case, Brazeau faces criminal charges of assault and sexual assault in a case at his home in Gatineau.

Both cases go to court later this year.



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