Flaherty makes strange accusation

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He links charities to terroristes and mob

What does he says???



Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did a strange thing last week.

He announced on television that “terrorist organizations” and “organized crime organizations” have been laundering money through charities.

He knows about it, he said, and intends to crack down on those charities.

Flaherty didn’t name the charities. Nor did he name the criminal and terrorist groups.  He didn’t say anything about the charities. Are they religious charities, Canadian charities or foreign charities, and how much money have they raised, what kind of terrorist organizations do they support.

He refused to say how he found out, or when found out, whether he reported them to police, whether the RCMP or CSIS is involved.

All he said was that it would all come out in last Tuesday’s budget. Then on Tuesday there was nothing about “terrorist organizations” and “criminal organizations.”  Why not? Did someone tell him to shut up about it? Was Prime Minister Stephen Harper informed?

It’s all very strange. Terrorist organizations operating in Canada are the responsibility of police, usually the RCMP. There’s a Public Safety minister in Canada, Steven Blaney.  Did Flaherty tip him off? 

The accusation against charities wasn’t a slip of the tongue by Flaherty. He kept repeating it all weekend and all day on Monday, without adding anything new. He never said if there was a religious connection to the charities. Most of the terrorist activity in Canada has been connected to ‘Islamist’ groups. Flaherty wouldn’t make that link.  Nor did he have anything to say about “criminal organizations.” Are they Mafia or something like the Hell’s Angels?

Flaherty said the purpose of charitable donations was not to help terrorist or criminal organizations “so we are becoming increasingly strict. You’ll see some more on Tuesday.” We never did.

There was nothing in his budget about it.

CBC television host Evan Solomon repeatedly grilled Flaherty and his parliamentary secretary Andrew Sexton but go no further except that he found out the Canadian Revenue Agency is somehow involved.

That doesn’t help much because apart from issuing charitable status to charities, the Canadian Revenue Agency is not a police organization. It answers to the Minister of Revenue, the tax man. 

Sexton gave the impression in his interview with the CBC on Monday afternoon that he knew more than he was saying.  “But I’m not going to steal the minister’s thunder,” Sexton said. “He’s going to deliver his budget tomorrow. You’ll hear more.”

We never did hear more, and heard nothing more since then. Except that now Flaherty’s ‘terrorist organizations’ and ‘criminal organizations” have been tipped off.

Great job, Jim. Great job.




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  • Furtz
    18 février 2014 - 10:42

    Any individual or organization that is critical of the Harper government is considered an "enemy of the state".