Stephen Harper loses two senators

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Two gone!




They had enough

Senator Gerald Comeau, a proud Acadian from Nova Scotia and Senator David Braley of Hamilton have both resigned from the Senate

Comeau tipped off Harper a few months ago, and Braley suddenly left last week.

Both were very polite. Both said they resigned to spend more time with their families, and of course their departure had nothing to do with the expense scandal raging in the Senate now.

Comeau spent ​​a total of 28 years in Parliament, first as a member of the House of Commons with Brian Mulroney and later as senator for Harper.

With three decades on the Hill, you could say Comeau has done his time. He has a parliamentary pension as long as my arm waiting for him.

Before leaving the Senate, Comeau did one last favor for Harper taking over the proceedings against three Conservative senators involved in the expenses scandal.


Comeau was chair of the Senate Internal Economy committee, which investigated the controversial Senate expenditures of Patrick Brazeau, Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy.

Comeau announced his resignation after a press conference Wednesday. He suddenly sprung his retirement announcement while assuring everybody around him that it had nothing to do with the crisis in the Senate.


He said it was because he was tired of the constant traveling back and forth between Ottawa and Nova Scotia.  Comeau said it is time for him to move on. He said he leaves knowing that he did his best.

David Braley is a guy with immense great pride, a great success as a businessman in Hamilton in the automobile industry. Harper appointed him to the Senate in 2010 which means he had three more years to go before his mandatory retirement at age 75.

A man of some wealth, Braley owns both the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and B.C. Lions Football Club.

When these two clubs played against each other, people used to say that  Braley was making money with both hands.

Braley gave no reason for his departure, but his friends said he was disgusted by the Senate scandal and what happened in the office of the Prime Minister.

The news of his departure leaked out earlier this year... In the fall, Braley announced his departure from the Senate through a community newspaper, the «Hamilton Community News «explaining that his wife had asked him to consider retiring.

Braley said upon leaving this week that the actions of Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau and Mac Harb made him think over his continued presence in the Senate.


That says it all.


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