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Mulcair puts on brilliant performance



The RCMP sent a letter the other day to Senator Mike Duffy asking him for copies of all those e-mails he said he had from Stephen Harper’s office.

The Mounties didn’t fool around. They specified they wanted those e-mails that contain “evidence of criminal wrongdoing” by others. They couldn’t have been more direct.

They are talking about staff in Harper’s office, the  people who took part in the secret cover-up to save Duffy's skin before Harper turned on him.

Imagine Duffy’s reaction when he read that. Another chance to get at Harper.

Imagine Harper’s reaction when he read the same thing. My Gawd, the barbarian red-coats are at the door. Who are they after?

Harper’s worst nightmare. What documents will Duffy give the Mounties? Who will he incriminate?

Before Duffy got the heave-ho out of the Senate last week he told the Senate about the existence of a conspiracy concocted in Harper’s office to deceive Canadians as to the real source of the $90,000 payoff he got.

Duffy said he was given a “script” written in Harper’s office that he was to recite to the news media when they asked where he got the $90,000.

Duffy said he was supposed to say that the $90,000 was a Royal Bank loan he had made to fix up his residence in Prince Edward Island.

There was no such loan, he said later. He said he is ashamed that he agreed to the scam. The money really came from Nigel Wright, who was Harper’s chief of staff before he too got the heave-ho.

Lately in Question Period, New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair is hammering at Harper day after day to get him to tell what he knows. Harper tries his best to duck the questions.

Mulcair asks if Jenni Byrne, the political director of the Conservative Party was involved in the secret cover-up and the “script” conspiracy that the Mounties are searching for.

The best Harper can reply is that Wright has already taken responsibility for whatever might have happened. And besides, he knew nothing about it.

For some reason Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer  felt the need to come to Harper’s rescue, telling Mulcair to ask questions about government business, not party business.

Mulcair exploded. He has a terrible temper when he's challenged. Mulcair lashed back at the Speaker:  “Just to be clear, perfectly clear, this is about a cover-up in the Prime Minister’s office. This is government business. This is the public’s business.” Speaker Scheer fell stone silent, put in his place like a professor might to an errant schoolboy.

The entire New Democrat caucus was up on its feet with thunderous applause for their leader. Speaker Scheer quietly sat down while Harper wisely stayed out of it.

Even though all four of four miscreant senators are out the door, the scandal is far from over. It has simply moved over from the Senate to Harper’s office.




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