Ministers’ offices cost $ 56 million

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The figures are out


Federal cabinet ministers’ offices cost $ 56,084,822 last year.

That doesn’t include departmental costs or ministers’ travel.

Spending on their offices went up 5% last year.

The Stephen Harper cabinet ministers had promised to cut government spending. They probably weren’t talking about their own offices.

The NDP compiled a list of the most expensive cabinet offices.

The biggest spender on his office was Prime Minister Stephen Harper. It’s packed with aides and helpers. Harper spent $ 564,646 on it.

It is interesting to note that Joe Oliver, the minister who represents the interests of big oil companies is in second place at  $ 535,052. Bernard Valcourt who speaks for the Far North and Aboriginal Peoples is in third place at $ 507,047.

Minister Maxime Bernier said Saturday that it’s time to impose a ceiling on government spending, including spending on ministers' offices.

Bernier is a fine one to talk. His office expenses increased by $ 155,485 last year. That’s a 40 percent increase in one year.

NDP MPs agree it would be a good thing to put a ceiling on office expenses of certain cabinet ministers.


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