Sen. Duffy says thank you for the money

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Duffy's money is adding up

Senator Mike Duffy thanks the Conservative Party of Canada very much from the bottom of his heart for all the money they gave him.

He could have showed up in Calgary to say thank you in person, but had second thoughts about it.

The prime minister’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright, a guy he barely knew, generously gave him a cheque for $90,172.

And with a little help from the “short pants” people in Harper's office, as Duffy likes to call them, they concocted a crazy scheme to make Canadians believe the money was going to pay off the Senate.

Now we find out that Duffy may still have it in his pocket. Nothing’s been paid. That’s understandable. Duffy doesn’t believe he owes anything to the Senate. So why give them any money? No dummy that Duffy.

There’s no proof Duffy’s has even cashed the cheque. Or maybe he’s cashed it and is still thinking about what to do with the money.

Add it up -- $90,172 in housing money from the Senate, plus another $90,172 from the prime minister’s chief of staff. Or maybe it came from the Conservative Party. Either way, Duffy is doing all right for himself.

Great money men these Conservatives. And we wonder why they haven’t been able to balance a budget for the last six years?

The chief of staff in the prime minister’s office passes out money without getting documentation and has no idea if it ends up where he wants.

Did he get a receipt? Is there any proof the cheque was ever cashed?

And then without a job, the chief of staff disappears. Supposedly he’s skipped the country and ended up in Las Vegas to celebrate his 50th birthday. No interviews from our boy. Not a finger does he lift to help the boss out of the worst mess in his political life.

So did he resign and get a ton-load of benefits and a nice pension, or did the boss fire him as he claims now, and toss him out the door without a penny. Even the boss can’t make up his mind what happened.

But then Duffy produces documentation about a second cheque.

Now why didn’t our prime minister know about that cheque either? The “short pants” boys are playing tricks on him.

Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton got his law firm to write a cheque for $13,560 to Duffy’s lawyer’s firm, but this time we know there is a real cheque. There’s real legal firm too, Nelligan, O’Brien, Payne and at least this time we’ve got documentation to back up existence of  the cheque.

So Duffy ends up with a nice pile of money, his lawyer gets paid, and the boys in the short pants are still running around trying to figure out what happened.

But then Duffy says there were "at least" two cheques, which means there could be more -- a third, or a fourth, or anything is possible.

No wonder Canada is making the U.S. comedy shows this week.

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